Photo session for dating site

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Photo session for dating site

Photo session for dating site

How it works

Photo session for dating site
Photo session for dating site



Photo session for dating site Photo session for dating site Almost from the first minute I loaded profile with new photos , I started getting a huge amount of winks , smiles and letters from interesting men
Photo session for dating site Photo session for dating site Honestly, I spent a lot of time on dating sites . And all these my attempts were unsuccessful. The situation changed as soon as I ordered a professional photo shoot . Number of letters increased dramatically and within a week I found something that I could not even dream of. I found the man of my dreams and now married to him.
Photo session for dating site Photo session for dating site Before I created my profile on a dating site I have never had a girlfriend, even though I have 28 years. I immediately knew that in order to be successful, I need to make good pictures, so I ordered a photosession on this site. Finding the right girl took no more than a week . Now we have a strong relationship, and I want to say special thanks to photographers of
Photo session for dating site Photo session for dating site The number of responses to my messages has increased in several times!As soon as I ordered a photo session and added to my dating profile new photos, the number of responses increased. Girls who had not even read my messages — now they are  joining with me in conversation and come out on dates . This is very cool!

Photo session for dating site

Pricing. Our packages

Silver. It’s not  just a 2-3 good photos from one location or studio as in common photo session of our competitors.  Here we strategically plan your complete image in Virtual Diting Environment. Initially we create a representation especialy for you. This representation is creating by using a typical images, that are very popular among most of women. After that we  will choose an idea for each popular type, location, story, time for shooting. 

In the end, you will get not just a collection of some abstract photos. You will get specially designed for you images that will increase your success several times.

Session Duration:2 hours

Final images: 100

Photo session for dating site     985 CAD$  
Photo session for dating site $605
Photo session for dating site 285 British pounds


Gold.  This is an extended version of the Silver package. You get a full style consultation and consultation  about the most popular images. Session is not limited in time . We work until we prepare the necessary number of images.

Session Duration: unlimited

Final images: 300 — 500

Photo session for dating site     1 200 CAD$  
US $750
Photo session for dating site 350 British pounds


Photo session for dating site



Photo session for dating site


Photo session for dating site

Photo session for dating site


The realities of modern communication

Currently, social networks and dating sites have got so widespread that it has become an integral part of our lives. Now to have your own personal page on Facebook or Badoo is perfectly normal for most people. Gradually, this method of dating from virtual is becoming more and more popular. For many people chating by a dating site or by a social network became almost the only way to find your soul mate.

We all realize that photo in your dating profile plays an important role, because it is, in fact, one of the only sources of information about a person you want to meet for. Therefore, photosession for dating sites or social networks — this is a very important element of your presentation in the virtual space.

Photosession for dating sites

We specialize in photosession for online dating sites for 10 years and we want to say that those photos that represent you in the dating network is determined by 90% of your success. Many people make the mistake of either not posting any photos or take it too irresponsible, or vice versa, rush to the other extreme and order a photosession a la «Vogue magazine» style. We want to list the main mistakes that people make when choosing photos for online dating sites:

  • Ignoring the importance of having the photos. It does not matter — whether it is male or female. Factors on which you can be selected in real life do not work here. There is only one channel — visual, and very narrow — just a photo. So whether you have a photo or not — this is, in fact, your success!
  • Order expensive studio photosession for dating sites. Here the logic is simple — often on these photos you can see a good selection of clothes, light, camera angles, retouching after the shooting, the work of make-up artist and stylist helps create unearthly beauty or Macho of ordinary people, but smartest site visitors will always be confusing if you have a profile only studio photos, because anyone wants to see you in a natural environment, wants to know you real.
  • Make low-quality photos for online dating sites. In general, the idea that you have half the photos in your profile made by the phone camera in the mirror, should make them think that you have no one to help you even to take a photo. This is an example of so-called «anti-social prove.» Poor-quality images are not sharp, where you have to cut yourself out of a group of people where you are — a small dot on the background of something, the pictures in the mirror in the bathroom — all this is just throws you on the success of hundreds of kilometers.
  • Wrong strategy of photo selection. Make a good photo — this is only half the battle. So as I have said before, photographs for a dating site — is 90% of the information about you, because most people simply do not read profile, the photograph can transmit certain information — such as «I household», «I am careful,» «I am sociable, I have many friends, «I’m rich». Therefore, the competent selection and therefore conscious shooting photos for a dating site can be trusted only specialist.

In such a way, the role of a professional photosession for dating sites becomes very important. And so, now you know what to do and choose pictures to your dating profile can only professional who has extensive experience in this field!

Examples of photosession for online dating sites you can see below:

Photo session for dating site

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