Drawing custom blueprints, plans, diagrams

Drawing custom blueprints, plans, diagrams

About us:

Our engineering center began works  in March of 2009. Our specialization — the automation of design activity, 3D visualization, design, graphic and engineering support, design projects, diagrams, drawings, plans. In the beginning, our company is engaged only in converting blue-prints to electronic documentation, but eventually, the list of services that we perform, has expanded.

List of our:

  • Migrate of engineering drawings, blue-prints, plans, diagrams, sketches in the electronic documentation
  • 3D modeling. Parts, assemblies
  • Texturing, rendering, animation
  • Furniture placement in the drawing, drawing plans of houses, apartments, buildings
  • Create drawings and parquet floor planes (or tiles, carpets, other decorative items), linking them with other elements of the room
  • Creating a plan, diagrams, graphs for various purposes according to your sketches
  • Visualization of interiors and facilities in accordance with drawings,  designer’s sketches
  • Visualization of any products, assemblies, and drawings
  • Design and Visualization of Exhibition stands

Create drawings, plan, diagrams, graphs, Visualization

Цены на наши услуги:

Name Unit of measure
Drawing simple 2D drawings, diagrams, plans 1 format А4 $20
Creating a 3D model (part) 1 part $10
Creating a 3D asemmbly For every two assembled parts $2
Texturing, rendering, artwork in the environment …from $20
Creation of the scheme of parquet laying, tiles, etc. (no artistic parquet) 1 room $10
Creation of the scheme of parquet laying, tiles, etc. (with large parquet decorative art details) 1 room $15
Vector drawing art of decorative elements for parquet, modules and other elements 1 element $20
Pre-press design of the floor plan after placing of parquet in the drawing, tiles, etc. 1 format А4 $10
Calculating the number of parquet (please call!)
Visualization of interiors and facilities 1 sq.m. $20
Creation of design project of exhibition stands by your sketches
(please call!)
Visualization of exhibition stands 1 sq.m. $20

Works samples:

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